Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grown Up Easter Baskets

Even though you're not a little one anymore, it's still fun to wake and find your very own grown-up version of a Happy Spring or Easter Basket, right?!
So slip a little note under their coffee cup, or a post-it on the old laptop directing them down to PARIS ENVY,  where we will help gather the most amazing array of goodies!

A few ideas...

"Paris In Color" design book and faux-turquoise faceted ring; just add saltwater taffy or M&M's in spring hues!

Candy-colored coral & pearl bracelet, passion fruit scented French soap and a mini purse mirror -- Magnifique!!

For him:  eyeglass change dish (or soap, or even glasses!)  ruler bottle opener in a manly cast iron, and a book on modern design.

Happy Spring!!  And remember, Paris Envy is now located at Union, east end of Biltmore Fashion Park.  Spread the word!  (**Mention this post and we'll give you 15% off non-sale merchandise for your baskets**)

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Catherine Slye said...

you have the BEST ideas!