Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Treats for Spring...

I'm often asked if all the products in our shop come from Paris and the answer, unfortunately, is no. Our sign says, "vintage and French-inspired," because I love Paris style and I love the shops of Paris, but part of the appeal of the city is the variety in what is offered. You can find things with an Asian flair, a modern edge, or a funky, bohemian vibe right alongside the Paris we all know and love from films and magazines -- the scroll-edged mirrors, the curvy legged chairs. So while a space filled with only Parisian treasures would be lovely, it would also be prohibitively expensive and would limit what I could offer you!

So come and visit us to view our new collection of tableware from Magenta, our spring jammies from PJ Salvage, and our Parasuco jeans -- from, yes, Italy!! And you have to check out our purses and bags from Nahui Ollin. Made entirely from unused candy wrappers and then hand sewn for durability, they are really cute as well as environmentally friendly.