Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Spring!

Spring is always such a great time to liven up our homes.  We currently have some amazing design books that are sure to give you great ideas.
I know I am personally loving color.  While burlap and beige linen, creams and neutrals will always have their place in my heart, I just need something a bit more exciting!!  Turquoise and teal, coral and hot pink, even emerald green are my favorites lately.  And bright color can be mixed into an existing neutral palette in small doses -- a bright art print on a plain white wall, some throw pillows for your sofa or bed, even a few new candles in spring shades.
Visit us at UNION to see all our fun new spring things!
And visit our facebook (www.facebook.com/parisenvyhome) to see more photos (I'm even attempting to be active on Pinterest...stay tuned!)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grown Up Easter Baskets

Even though you're not a little one anymore, it's still fun to wake and find your very own grown-up version of a Happy Spring or Easter Basket, right?!
So slip a little note under their coffee cup, or a post-it on the old laptop directing them down to PARIS ENVY,  where we will help gather the most amazing array of goodies!

A few ideas...

"Paris In Color" design book and faux-turquoise faceted ring; just add saltwater taffy or M&M's in spring hues!

Candy-colored coral & pearl bracelet, passion fruit scented French soap and a mini purse mirror -- Magnifique!!

For him:  eyeglass change dish (or soap, or even glasses!)  ruler bottle opener in a manly cast iron, and a book on modern design.

Happy Spring!!  And remember, Paris Envy is now located at Union, east end of Biltmore Fashion Park.  Spread the word!  (**Mention this post and we'll give you 15% off non-sale merchandise for your baskets**)