Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Huge Merci!

(Cafe Lalo in Manhattan, featured
in the movie "You've Got Mail")

Thank you Thank you to all our loyal customers (and first timers!) who shopped with us on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and made these days a MONUMENTAL success for us!!
We truly believe locally owned shops such as ours can keep our city thriving and offer an exciting, must-see destination to visitors as well as Phoenicians.
Our local shops and restaurants will always differentiate us from any city in any state in this country. You'll most likely find a Pottery Barn or Ikea, but not a Paris Envy, or Figs, or Rust & Roses!

"Do you want to get off the subway at 72nd and Broadway and not even know you're in New York City?" (Kathleen Kelly to a crowd outside her shop protesting the opening of Fox Books, a corporate mega-store, in the wonderful movie "You've Got Mail")

And now onto other things!
The holidays are upon us here at the shop, in the form of box after box arriving -- ornaments, tableware, gifts and home decor goodies. You really must stop in to find that perfect something!

A little sneak peek...

* Vintage-style harlequin ornaments,
inspired by theater props*

*Glass bubble ornaments with vintage-look images, peacock or hot-air balloon*

*vintage-inspired iron crowns and hand poured plaster cherub plaques in antiqued gold, cream and other shades*

*A little Marie-Antoinette for the holidays!*

*Fabulous true vintage and vintage-inspired reindeer to add some quirky fun*

Stay tuned for more photos to tempt you, such as soon-to-arrive French tableware in festive reds and whites!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vendredi Noir

Or Black Friday!! Join us please from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and enjoy mimosas, champagne & treats, and save 10% off your total purchase in our calm and beautiful environment.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ready or Not

I admit it, I really dislike "decking the halls" the day after Halloween! And although the retail powers-that-be say you must, I've more or less rebelled for the four years we've been in business, choosing to add my merry touches closer to December 1st.

This year in an attempt to be less stubborn I have already begun to transform our shop with the help of some dear friends! We've draped and hung and added sparkle and twinkle, unpacked ornaments and great gifts for giving, and there's more to come. Every week a new box of fun arrives, and at least as often we finish up a piece of our own and find the perfect spot for it in our showrooms.

I'll probably never get completely used to a Phoenix Christmas -- not after a whole childhood spent in snowy Colorado -- but temperatures in the 50's kind of helps. Bring on the peppermint mocha lattes and the Charlie Brown Christmas cd!


Friday, November 11, 2011

The Beautiful Big Apple!

This past August my mom and I traveled to NYC to attend the gift/home show at the Javitz center and, of course, see the city! My mom had never been before, so it was extra exciting for me to play tour guide. (Ok, amateur tour guide, who am I kidding?! It was only my second time.)
The weather was a bit muggy but honestly we didn't mind -- we were just so happy to be there.

We stayed on the Upper West Side, just blocks from Central Park, in such a charming area; cafes and shops and tree-lined streets, corner markets where we bought wine and cheese and crackers to take back to our room. On the fifteenth floor was a terrace overlooking the neighborhood -- we'd set up our little picnic and watch the sun fade into the twinkling lights of the city after dark. Pure magic!

I thoroughly enjoyed the gift show for ideas and new products but I felt that I got the best inspiration from the city itself, walking, peering into store windows, happening upon little parks.
A few photos from our trip...

*View of Manhattan skyline from the Staten Island Ferry

* Peering into Gramercy Park, a private gated oasis. Residents are given a key, and the rest of us have to enjoy the beauty from outside!

*Gorgeous stone facade of an apartment building in Gramercy. We wandered by on our way to ABC Carpet & Home, my favorite store in New York.

I'll share more of my NYC discoveries in future posts, and 'til then,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Change in the Air...

A new month. A new season. Finally some tangible evidence that decent weather exists here in our valley! I've always thought of November as some think of January 1st -- a time to take stock of present circumstances and plan for the future. Hot, stagnant summer is behind us, and cooler air clears the mind. I feel more creative and more optimistic almost immediately!

We at Paris Envy are making a few changes here and there. A little embellishment to our blog and a few personal observations and tidbits added to our usual photos of the shop. We're glad to be part of the continuing renewal of central and downtown Phoenix, to be local business owners in the midst of so many corporate giants, and we want to celebrate the various places that make life here that much more enjoyable!

Many thanks to our loyal customers who love what we do! We look forward to seeing you and we welcome your comments here.

toujours (always),