Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Change in the Air...

A new month. A new season. Finally some tangible evidence that decent weather exists here in our valley! I've always thought of November as some think of January 1st -- a time to take stock of present circumstances and plan for the future. Hot, stagnant summer is behind us, and cooler air clears the mind. I feel more creative and more optimistic almost immediately!

We at Paris Envy are making a few changes here and there. A little embellishment to our blog and a few personal observations and tidbits added to our usual photos of the shop. We're glad to be part of the continuing renewal of central and downtown Phoenix, to be local business owners in the midst of so many corporate giants, and we want to celebrate the various places that make life here that much more enjoyable!

Many thanks to our loyal customers who love what we do! We look forward to seeing you and we welcome your comments here.

toujours (always),