Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ready or Not

I admit it, I really dislike "decking the halls" the day after Halloween! And although the retail powers-that-be say you must, I've more or less rebelled for the four years we've been in business, choosing to add my merry touches closer to December 1st.

This year in an attempt to be less stubborn I have already begun to transform our shop with the help of some dear friends! We've draped and hung and added sparkle and twinkle, unpacked ornaments and great gifts for giving, and there's more to come. Every week a new box of fun arrives, and at least as often we finish up a piece of our own and find the perfect spot for it in our showrooms.

I'll probably never get completely used to a Phoenix Christmas -- not after a whole childhood spent in snowy Colorado -- but temperatures in the 50's kind of helps. Bring on the peppermint mocha lattes and the Charlie Brown Christmas cd!


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