Wednesday, October 29, 2008

La Vie, L'amour!

When it seems every bit of news is gloomy, do what the French women do -- Pamper, pamper, pamper!! Light a sweet smelling candle and soak yourself in a tub full of heavenly scented bubbles as Edith Piaf sings your troubles away. Then dust on a little perfumed powder, wrap up in a satin robe and tuck your toes into plush, embroidered slippers. Plunging stocks, talk of recession, no matter! We smell good and feel good and there's always that silver lining to look for...
**New Lollia has arrived, and it may be their best scent yet! "Imagine" is a blend of flowering willow and lotus blossom, with a touch of mandarin orange. Available in parfum, lotion, bubble bath, dusting powder and scented candles.**