Saturday, February 6, 2010

Start Spreading The News

Just arrived back from a fabulous week in NYC, searching for inspiration at the gift show and in every nook and cranny of the city we could get to! New York City is indeed amazing -- the history in every building, every street.
And yet... it became so apparent that we have a treasure trove right here in our own city, in the form of dozens of unique locally-owned shops! You just don't find many small mom-and-pop style places there -- largely due to sky high rent. One gentleman we talked with expressed his anxiety over the monthly struggle to keep his little card shop open and thriving, faced with constant competition from corporately owned chain stores.
So please make some time to celebrate the riches of the furnishings, gifts, clothing and so much more available to you right here in your own home town, no plane ride required! Together we can all make Phoenix a vibrant, exciting place to visit, explore and live.


Unknown said...

I hope you saw how desperately NYC needs a Paris Envy shop! Your store is one of very few things I miss about AZ.

With love from NYC!

Paris Envy said...

thank you so much! we did have a blast in nyc. hope you and your daughter are doing well!!