Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nous Sommes Si Enthousiastes!!

Is how you say "We Are So Excited!!" in French -- not to be confused with "Nous sommes tres excitee!"  Which is "We are so turned on!"  (Glad I checked my online translator!  But maybe it's both?!)

Paris  Envy will be moving!!  This fall we are joining a fabulous group of local businesses at what will be known as Union at the Biltmore.  Multiple wonderfulness all in one spot!  And though the space will be a wee bit smaller, the offerings will be every bit as amazing, and then some.
Stay tuned for details...
And in the mean time, rush down to claim your one-of-a-kind Paris Envy treasure!  Many pieces will not be re-created, and once they're gone, au revoir!

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